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  • Belief in the Judgement Day

    Belief in the Judgement Day1

    This article of faith teaches us to believe that everyone will die and Allah will raise everyone from the first human until the last to be judge. From the judgement, Allah will decide who go to heaven and hell. Believe in the Judgement day is mention in the Quran in: Indeed, those who believed and

  • Belief in Muhammad ﷺ as a Prophet and Messenger

    Belief in Muhammad ﷺ as a Prophet and Messenger0

    We believe that Muhammad ﷺ was Allah’s servant and messenger, that he is the best of all mankind without exception, the seal of the prophets and so there will be no prophet after him. He Fully delivered the divine message assigned to him, discharged his prophetic duties, sincerely counselled the Muslim community, and strove hard


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  • Belief in the Books of Allah

    Belief in the Books of Allah0

    Allah sent down books to His Prophets and Messengers. The revelations can be in different forms such as forms of books or sheet, instructions, or teaching. Allah sent revelation to every one of his Prophets and Messengers. Say (O Muslims), “We believe in Allah and that which has been sent down to us and that

  • Belief in the Angels and Jinn

    Belief in the Angels and Jinn0

    Angel Created before human. And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth.” They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that


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  • What Does Religions Say About Alcohol
    What Does Religions Say About Alcohol0
    • May 23, 2018

    Alcohol is a type of drink with alcoholic substance that is able to make an individual drunk. Even if it can only affect the individual in a large quantity, drinking it in a lesser quantity is still considered as alcohol as it has the criteria of an alcoholic beverage. The history of alcohol invention is


World Religion

  • The Evolution of Religions in India
    The Evolution of Religions in India0
    • May 23, 2018

    In the early days, India had a great civilization. From 3000-2000 BC, Harappa and Mohenjodaro were the great civilizations there. The actual occupants of India who lived there were the Dravidia race. The Dravidia were the indigenous people who have lived in Harrapa which was located in Punjab and North Karachi around 3000-2000 BC [1].



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  • World Mission Society Church of God: Gerakan Tuhan Ibu0
    • April 1, 2019

    Pada tahun 1948 terdapat seorang lelaki Korea bernama Ahn Sahng-hong telah menubuhkan sebuah denominasi gerejanya tersendiri iaitu Witnesses of Jesus Church of God. Hasil dari ajaran Ahn Sahng-hong wujudnya beberapa pengikut beliau yang mendakwa dirinya adalah Tuhan Ibu sehingga menimbulkan konflik yang besar di dalam denominasi mereka dan akhirnya berpecah menjadi dua kelompok. Salah satunya


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