Belief in the Prophets and Messengers

Belief in the Prophets and Messengers

Belief in Prophets and Messengers includes:
1. Allah sent prophets/messengers to every nation to call them to worship Allah alone
And for every Ummah (a community or a nation), there is a Messenger; when their Messenger comes, the matter will be judged between them with justice, and they will not be wronged. (Yunus 10:47)

“And ask (O Muhammad) those of Our Messengers whom We sent before you: ‘Did We ever appoint gods to be worshipped besides the Most Merciful (that is Allah)?’” (Az Zukhruf 43:45)

2. Identities of some are unknown

And, indeed We have sent Messengers before you (O Muhammad r); of some of them We have related to you their story and of some We have not related to you their story, and it was not given to any Messenger that he should bring a sign except by the Leave of Allah. So, when comes the Commandment of Allah, the matter will be decided with truth, and the followers of falsehood will then be lost. (Al Mu’min 40:78)

3. 25 Prophets are named in Quran

4. We cannot deny any one of the prophets / messengers because denying one means to deny all of them.

5. Following the law of Prophet Muhammad pbuh as he is being sent to us as the final prophet.

“But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (O Muhammad) judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full submission” (An Nisa 4:65)

6. Believing in the authentic hadith about Prophet Muhammad pbuh.


Why Allah Send Messengers?

1. To bring people to the worship of Allah alone.

2. Guide people to the ultimate purpose of life

3. To establish proof against humanity. This is so that human have no excuse to say that they don’t know what their purpose of life are when being question during hereafter.

4. As a role model / practical example of living according to the way of life in Islam.


Some Characteristics of the Messengers

1. They are human and have no divine attributes whatsoever. The only difference between us and them is that Allah had chosen them to receive His revelation and convey His divine message, as the Qur’an says, “We have only ever sent before you men to whom We revealed the message.” (Soorat Al-Anbiyyaa’, 21:7). They are also the most honourable of people in lineage and enjoyed sound judgement and clear, persuasive speech, which entitled them to assume the responsibility of conveying the divine message and bear the burden of prophethood. Almighty Allah has only chosen messengers from among people so that they can set a good example for them, and so that people can follow in their footsteps, which they can possibly do.

2. It is Allah alone who has the right to choose them from among people so they can convey the divine message to people, as the Qur’an states, “Say: ‘I am only a human being like you who has received revelation. Your god is One God. So let him who hopes to meet his Lord act rightly and not associate anyone in the worship of his Lord.’” (Soorat Al-Kahf, 18:110). It is clear, therefore, that prophethood cannot be attained as a result of spiritual purity, intelligence or mental logic, for the task of prophethood can only be determined by divine will, and Allah knows best whom to appoint as His messengers, as the Qur’an states, “Allah knows best upon whom to bestow His message.” (Soorat Al-An‛aam, 6:124)

3. Infallible – They are infallible in the sense that they do not make mistakes when conveying Allah’s message to the people and executing what Allah has revealed to them.

4. Truthfulness – They are truthful in their words and deeds, as the Qur’an states, “This is what the Most promised, and the messengers told the truth.” (Soorat Yaa Seen, 36:52)

5. Patience and Perseverance – They called to Allah’s religion, bringing good news and giving warning, and were subjected to various forms of harm and hardships, but they patiently bore all that for the sake of making the word of Allah reign supreme, as the Qur’an states, “So be steadfast as the Messengers with firm resolve were also steadfast.” (Soorat Al-Ahqaaf, 46:35)

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